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Holster Safety guidelines:

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Colors: Click on image below to see standard and custom color options.

custom pattern

Custom or Send in (N) option is available to anyone who would like a custom color KYDEX® sheet material.  When you order the Custom or Send in (N) option, you will have to provide us (Send in) two (2) pcs. of 12"x12" KYDEX® sheet or we can order it for you and we'll just send you an invoice for the extra cost.  Please contact us before or after you place your order;

**Special Order colors are Thermo-Digital coating applied to the Kydex surface. These are for (N) Novelty purposes only and are not intended or designed for use as military spec camouflage. 2-4 weeks lead from order to ship apply.


Supported Weapon Light:

Surefire X300

Surefire X300 Ultra

Streamlight TLR-1

Streamlight TLR-2

Streamlight TLR-3

Streamlight TLR-4

Viridian C5 / C5L

Viridian X5L gen 2

Inforce APL gen 1 lever type

Inforce APL gen 2 screw type



BlackKT GUN BELT 1.5 / Cobra Belt

thumb breakAdd a Thumb Break feature to your holster

kt gunfighter partsKT Stabilized Parallel Drop Plate

kt gunfighter partsKT Gunfighter™ / Defender™ Parts

paddleKT AKELA™ Parts

BlackKT MELEE™ Edge weapon sheath

iwbIWB / OWB Soft loops

active retentionKT Active Retention Strap

owbOWB Rigid Belt Loops


loctite 243*NEW* KT Drop Leg thigh mount




MOLLE Hardware

The KT FLEXMOUNT™ will allow the KT Gunfighter/Denfender Holster to mount onto your LBE, SAPI Plate Carriers, and other MOLLE compatible gear. We at KT have invested significant time and effort to make the KT FLEXMOUNT™ as modular and affordable as possible. The CORE of the KT FLEXMOUNT™ are two High Strength blocks of Black DELRIN® angled to accommodate most Kydex® Holster setups and sizes. DELRIN® is a very durable and rigid material, it is said to have bridged the gap between plastic and metal. The KT FLEXMOUNT™ utilizes the readily available MOLLE-Lok. If you already use MOLLE-Lok on other gear, the KT FLEXMOUNT™ can be purchased without the MOLLE-Lok. The KT FLEXMOUNT™ is not compatible with the KT AKELA™ line of holsters.

kt flexmount

KT FLEXMOUNT™ Technical Drawing (click thumbnail above)


Line 2 - KT FLEXMOUNT™ VT-COMP (Vertical MOLLE Mount Complete w/ MOLLE-Lok)


KT Gunfigher/Defender™ holsters


KT AKELA™ holsters








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