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Fast 2 weeks build time on all holsters, or Fastest with 1-3 business day Priority Build. ~ Holsters made in the free state of Idaho, USA.


16432 N Midland Blvd #105
Nampa ID 83687


KT is different from all other holster manufacturers because we don't sell magic juju. We're a no nonsense company and many of our holster models are the few that's actually been in combat in the Middle East. Our Duty KT AKELA holsters are in service with Victoria Police in Australia and our KT Gunfighter holsters are worn by the White House Personal Security/Communications Agency as an example.

We've recently shifted gears to focus more on consumer needs, without ignoring our customers in the Military, LE, and Security. One recent feature that we now offer is the Felt Liner service. Many of our previous customers didn't care too much about wear on the handgun's finish because they considered them as a tool, just like a mechanic wouldn't care how a screwdriver looks but more about how it works. We did listen to a lot of feedback about regular guys who would like to keep their pistols looking newer longer. This is just one example of our flexibility and willingness to work with our customers. If you need something, ask, we'll work with you. contact@kt-mech.com

Made in Idaho, USA.


KT MECH LLC is a Limited Liability Company, registered in Idaho on January 31, 2013. From Orange County California, moved to Nampa Idaho for business and political reasons.

KT = KydexTech (formerly), or KT = Cretaceous-Tertiary event (extinction of the big guys), or KT = kT is the scaling factor for energy in physics (whichever you like)
MECH = Mechanical (KT MECH LLC was originally going to be a Mechanical Engineering Company)
LLC = Limited Liability Company


KT MECH LLC is a proud sponsor and supporter of the following:
Shop With a Cop
Fraternal Order of Police #29
POW*MIA - Boise Valley
Dogs for Law Enforcement
Vallivue Robotics Team
Vallivue Cheer
Boy Scouts of America





joy safety

Remember to be safe, all are required to read and practice these Holster Safety rules.


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