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Fast 2 weeks build time on all holsters, or Fastest with 1-3 business day Priority Build. ~ Holsters made in the free state of Idaho, USA.

Priority Build Request

STATUS: Available this week

Priority Build request:

-A service available to you if you need your gear As Soon As Possible

-1 to 3 business day lead time vs. the standard 2 weeks (production lead time varies depending on the work order volume)

-Puts your order in front of the line

-The service fee will cover the extra operating cost of production outside of the standard weekly volume


This service is availble if you need your gear sooner than our aproximate 2 weeks standard lead time. The KT Priority Build request (PBr) is now readily available to everyone. The standard lead time from order to ship date is about 2 weeks. By adding the PB request to your shopping cart, your order will be placed in front of the line for production and your lead time from order to ship date will then be 1-3 business days (1-3 Business days M-F, excluding holidays, i.e. PBr orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be added to the front of the production line on Monday) from the date we receive your payment for Priority Build request. The PBr only applies to holsters and magpouches.

The Priority Build request gets your order shipped within 3 business days, then the order will be shipped via USPS Priority. The Priority Build request is a 1-3 business day production lead time and does not take into account the shipping transit time.

In order for us to keep our current commitment lead times, we can only accept no more than 20 PBr requests per week. Once the maximum PBr order is reached, you will not be able to add this request to your shopping cart until the following Monday of each week. The PBr does not apply to special order(s) or send in(s). Bulk orders of 10 or more, please contact us first so that we can make arrangements to meet your needs.

KT MECH LLC is a dynamic and flexible company. We reserve the right to refuse Priority Build requests if it will adversely affect our current production schedule because we have to keep our promise to current customers. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. The Priority Build request is a "Service" not a "Product" so it is non-refundable, as well as the shipping cost. The fee charged for Priority Build is to cover the extra Manufacturing cost for fast build time and the Priority shipping rate which is consumed at the time of shipment. Thank you and have a nice day! -- KT Mgmt.

Priority Build request


joy safety

Remember to be safe, all are required to read and practice these Holster Safety rules.


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