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Fast 2 weeks build time on all holsters, or Fastest with 1-3 business day Priority Build. ~ Holsters made in the free state of Idaho, USA.

MOLLE/PALS webbing attachment

KT MELEE™ knife sheath


The KT MELEE™ knife sheath offers you a rigid sheath platform that can accommodate the same KT AKELA holster attachments. With this knife sheath, you can carry horizontally or vertically simply by installing the belt attachment to fit your needs.

To order the KT MELEE™, 1st email us a picture of your knife, blade, or bayonet for approval. The KT MELLE™ knife sheath retains via a friction lock and specific knife features are required for this to function correctly. Once we determine that your knife, blade, or bayonet is compatible, we'll send you an invoice. You'll need to send in your item in for the build. Our current build time is about 1-5 business days from the time we receive your item to the shipping date. Below is our receiving address. Please be sure to include your name, email, and shipping address in the package for reference.

KT MECH LLC - Send in
16432 N Midland Blvd #105
Nampa ID 83687


REQUIREMENTS: (please provide these details with your email)

1- email a picture

2- blade length (must be 9" or less)

3- side of carry (left or right)

4- blade orientation (blade facing forward or back)

5- color/pattern

6- belt attachment



KT MELEE™ knife sheath w/ soft loop w/ snap - $30.95

KT MELEE™ knife sheath w/ standard 1.5" belt loop - $29.95

KT MELEE™ knife sheath w/ Tek-Lok - $37.95

KT MELEE™ knife sheath w/ MOLLE-Lok - $37.95


Standard color Black or Flat Dark Earth - no extra charge

Custom colors are available. You can either send us the Thermoplastic material or you can order one from our Custom Colors page.

Here's a link for reference -->custom colors

kt melee 1 kt melee 2



Attachment options for the KT AKELA holsters < Here's a link

Attachment options for the KT AKELA holsters and KT MELLE knife sheath







joy safety

Remember to be safe, all are required to read and practice these Holster Safety rules.


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