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The Duty KT AKELA holster is a level 2 retention holster.  It will have the primary adjustable friction retention, the same as the Standard KT AKELA holster, with the addition of the Secondary mechanical hood and thumb switch release.  The hood is spring loaded for a fast release and draw, unlike the Safariland ALS' which you'll have to manually push over.  The Duty KT AKELA holster's intuitive design is unmatched.  The motions of the draw are all very natural and require very little training to master.  Since you use your thumb to release instead of your trigger finger, the danger of a Negligent (Accidental) Discharge is minimized significantly.


Order in the KT AKELA holster's page here:

duty holster




- Level 2 holster, Mechanical hood and thumb switch release (Secondary)

- Mech hood/switch is spring loaded for a fast release and draw

- KT AKELA design and adjustable friction retention (Primary)

- Compatible with the KT SP Plate drop leg

- Compatible with Blade-tech, Blackhawk, and Safariland belt attachments

- Available with a weapon light attached



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Duty KT AKELA Holster - Thumb switch release action guide

duty holster


Rounded and Standard muzzle finish:

rounded finish


For those of you who might need a quick "OK" from your dept Armorer, here's a cheey Armorer's video demo of the DUTY KT AKELA™ holster. If you need to procure a T&E sample, we offer special pricing for Mil, LE, and PMC. Contact us: contact@kt-mech.com









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Remember to be safe, all are required to read and practice these Holster Safety rules.


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