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Quick deploy Active Shooter rig

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KT MOLLE Belt (battle belt/war belt)

(MOLLE; Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment)

The KT MOLLE belt, also commonly known as a War Belt or Battle Belt is a modular over belt attachment rig that allows the soldier (user) to affix or attach MOLLE/PALS pouches and gear. The MOLLE belt has now become popular among veterans coming home from combat, elite private military (PMC), and sport shooters because it allows you to easy don your kit at a moment's notice. Typical MOLLE belt setup would have a holster (and handgun), pistol magpouch, rifle magpouch (if a rifleman), dump pouch, and first aid kit or quick clot gauze and tourniquet. The most basic shooting essentials all within arm's reach and ready to go with you when the brown matter hits the fan.

The KT MOLLE belt's greatest strength is with the MOLLE bypass feature. Typical battle/war belts would have you attach your holster onto the MOLLE webbing itself. The MOLLE webbing was never designed to take the weight of a holster so this would cause your holster/handgun to flop around while on the move. With the MOLLE bypass feature of the KT MOLLE belt, you'll be able to access your gun belt directly and have stability. Each MOLLE section can be bypassed depending on your personal preference or requirement.



We designed this MOLLE belt to have only the bare essentials to drastically reduce weight, because ounces makes pounds.

Low profile

With the low profile design, you'll be able to carry pouches and holsters closer to your body, where your center of gravity is, for the best balance.

Semi-rigid internal support

The internal support is semi-rigid to give you a buffer. This helps to prevent or reduce any pressure points from carrying a variety of different gear.

MOLLE bypass - direct belt access

The MOLLE bypass allows you to attach your holster directly onto your Gun Belt. MOLLE webbing was never designed to take the weight of a handgun. As anyone who's tried to attach their holster onto MOLLE will tell you, it is not stable. The MOLLE bypass feature allows you to use your holster or drop leg the way they were designed and still have the ability to attach MOLLE pouches.

Paired MOLLE webbing - 2 pairs per section

The KT MOLLE belt has 9 sets of MOLLE sections, each with 2 pairs of MOLLE webbing. 5 sections of MOLLE pairs are loop Velcro over Nylon and 4 sections are Nylon only. Each one can be used as MOLLE or can be bypassed for direct access to your Gun Belt.

Deleted suspender strap attachment

Typical MOLLE belts have suspender strap attachment points which are commonly ignored and unused. To save weight and simplify the design, we deleted the suspender strap attachment points so that the KT MOLLE belt is lean and mean.

Breathable mesh liner

The KT MOLLE belt has a breathable mesh liner for those long days. Coyote tan on the outer and black on the inner layer.

Contoured ergonomic shape

Ergonomic shape with a higher back for better support.  Minimal width closer to the front for a wider range of motion.

Fits up to a 2.25" duty belt

Also works great with the KT Gun Belt 1.5 as shown on the samples below.



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molle battle war belt MARPAT Coyote $23.95

molle battle war belt Coyote Tan w/ Multicam $26.95

Inner Gun Belt, holster, pouches, model, nor other accessories not included




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