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iwb carry

Concealmet and IWB Carry - the practical use, myth, and IWB KT Holsters

secret service

The Secret Service's 2010 Guide for Spotting Concealed Weapons


IWB KT Holsters - how to convert the KT Gunfighter/Mechanized KT Gunfighter/KT Defender holsters for IWB carry

You can convert the KT Gunfighter/Mechanized KT Gunfighter/KT Defender holster for concealed carry by getting a set of IWB loops from the parts dept (sold separately).  It is as simple as replacing the belt loops with the use of a Phillips screwdriver.

attachments< Here's a link to the KT Gunfighter/Defenders optional parts page

Another option is with the IWB only KT AKELA holster.  You can choose "IWB only" from the KT AKELA holster's "BELT ATTACHMENT" drop down menu.  With this option, your holster will be built for IWB carry only, in a very small, compact, and minimalist form.  Easy on/off belt clip and you don't even have to undo your belt.  See the KT AKELA holster's page for more info and samples.

IWB KT AKELA < Here's a link to the KT AKELA's holster page


Myth - holsters will make your handgun smaller for concealed carry

Typical concealed carry handguns are of the Compact or Sub-compact category. Although you can carry a full size handgun plus a weapon light w/ laser in addition to an RMR sight installed; our holsters won't make it magically smaller. A good test is to wear your setup inside your pants where you'd want to carry it (unloaded and without the holster). This way you can get a feel of how it would be with a holster since our holster will only add fractions of an inch to your setup.

If you feel that you can pull off carrying such a large setup inside your pants, then we would suggest getting the IWB soft loops because they are very durable and you'll need the flexibility with your large setup. This brings the bulk of your carry around your belt line and above, to where you can put on a jacket to help with concealment. Please keep in mind that you may still have printing issues since there is so much mass to conceal (i.e. Robert De Niro in the classic, how not to conceal carry movie, "Taxi").



Appendix Carry - Not available with KT Holsters

KT is focused on safety above all else. For this reason, KT holsters are not built for appendix carry because this type of carry violates one of the core "basic firearm safety RULES" of "Never pointing your firearm at anything you do not wish to destroy." We do apologize if this is your preferred carry method and we are sure that you have a very legitimate reasons for carrying this way.

However, if Appendix Carry is your cup of tea, we do have the IWB KT AKELA holster that you can carry on any section of your belt. Please see the KT AKELA holster's link on the top right of the screen.

Appendix carry is popular with movies but KT products are built for practical and real world use. When carrying concealed in social situations, you will eventually have to take a seat (car, dinner, etc.) and appendix carry would be the worst place to have a loaded firearm. An appendix carried handgun is the 1st thing many Law Enforcement and Government agencies look for when scanning for anyone with a concealed weapon, because they have found this to be the most common carry method of the untrained or unlicensed who probably got the advice from a friend or saw it in the movies. Even if you're carrying legally, this is legal hassle that you can surely live without.



Practical use - the slang term "Mexican Carry" (no holster) has fallen out of favor

Licensed or Legal Conceal Carriers are now very safety oriented.  Most Licensed or Legal Conceal Carriers now use a holster or a clip to cover the trigger guard to prevent AD/ND (Accidental Discharge/Negligent Discharge).  KT Holsters are built with KYDEX® T sheet materials that are rigid and won't get soft over time, unlike your Grand-dad's leather holster.

Please carry legally, always.  Know your Local and Federal Laws, and always follow them even if you disagree.  If you don't like your Local and/or Federal Laws, make sure to Vote and encourage your friends and families to Vote with you, and in your favor.   This is how our Government works and you have to work with the system.



Mexican Carry - is not a racist term

"If you go back to the roots of this term, you find that there is no racism, nor anything else pejorative in "Mexican Carry." The lore of the gun tells us that back in the 19th Century, the Mexican vaquero, much like the American cowboy, was an independent and self-reliant sort who often made it a point to carry a handgun. Alas, the history of 19th century Mexico was entailed one despot rising after another. The day came when the average citizen was stripped of his former right to go armed when he wished.

This did not sit well with the fiercely freedom-loving caballeros. They grudgingly took off their gun belts and holsters, because possession of those accoutrements would be seen as evidence that they had violated the draconian new laws that disarmed them. However, they defiantly kept their handguns, simply stuffing them into the waistband behind their ordinary belt. If the Federales hove into view, the citizen would simply slip his revolver into some discreet place where he could retrieve it later.

Thus, as I understand the history of the matter, there's nothing culturally negative about "Mexican Carry," as it became known. When we use the term, we're paying homage to generations of men south of the border who refused to give up the right to protect themselves and their families because petty tyrants attempted to make them helpless."

- Gray Wanderer







kt akela kydex holster < Here's a link

KT AKELA holsters (adjustable retention)

Weapon light KT AKELA / Duty KT AKELA holsters (Weapon light compatible)

Ideal for Range and Duty

Universal central bolt pattern cluster (sits offset from the body, fast draw)

Compatible with BLACKHAWK!, Blade-Tech, RTI for Safariland, and Safariland attachments

Single Thermoplastic sheet construction

Free 1.5" OWB belt loop



kt gunfighter defender kydex holster < Here's a link

KT Gunfighter / Mechanized KT Gunfighter holster (adjustable retention)

KT Defender holsters (Weapon light compatible)

Ideal Concealment, OWB or IWB (IWB loops sold separatly)

Low profile side mounted attachment (sits right against the body)

Comfortable wide surface area holster

Two Thermoplastic sheet construction

Free 1.5" or 1.75" OWB belt loops



attachments< Here's a link

Other Pouches and Carriers

joy safety

Remember to be safe, all are required to read and practice these Holster Safety rules.


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